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Goat Falls Off of Building and Onto Car, Causing Major Chaos

While most days unfold in routine fashion, every now and then, life throws unexpected events into the mix. In this case, we check in with life literally throwing something unexpected at some individuals who were minding their own business. Such was the case for a Turkish shop vendor who found himself in a rather peculiar situation when a goat descended from the sky, disrupting the normalcy of his day.

As eloquently highlighted by a report from Inside Edition, we’ve all heard the phrase “raining cats and dogs,” referring to a bout of heavy rain, but in this instance, it seems to be raining goats—more precisely, a goat literally fell from the rooftops.

The unsuspecting vendor, engaged in conversation with a customer, witnessed the bizarre incident unfolding just outside the shop’s window. Surveillance cameras were on hand, capturing the entire spectacle as the goat plummeted from the rooftop, landing on a car parked in the middle of the street where those nearby would quickly move to make sure that the goat and driver alike were alright!

Contrary to any notion of rooftop parkour, reports reveal that the goat’s descent was not a stunt but rather part of a sacrificial ritual. Evidently, the creature’s attempt to escape this fate involved a rather unconventional leap.

Miraculously, no injuries were reported in the incident and it even appears as if the goat got up and walked away, although the startled driver admitted that he thought his car exploded upon impact. In a somewhat surreal turn of events, the goat’s owner stepped up, offering to cover the expenses for the damage caused to the car.

Most days proceed without incident, but occasionally, there comes a day when a goat descends from the sky and lands on your car. In the aftermath of such an unusual occurrence, all one can do is return home and express gratitude that the goat didn’t land in their lap.