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1000 HP “Bane” Dodge Challenger is Kevin Hart’s Newest Muscle Machine (2023 SEMA Debut)

In the realm of celebrities, where opulence is commonplace among the A-listers, a habit for extravagant spending doesn’t always translate to genuine automotive expertise. There’s nothing wrong with just buying the hottest new exotic car on the market but, at the end of the day, many celebrities simply throw money at cars they believe will enhance their social standing, a trend that’s hardly novel.

However, within the tightly-knit community of automotive enthusiasts, there’s a special admiration for celebrities who not only invest in high end rides but do so with a sincere passion for motoring, showcasing a love for cars beyond a mere display of financial prosperity.

Kevin Hart stands out as a prime example of such a celebrity. The versatile entertainer boasts a fleet of enthusiast-grade vehicles that might not immediately catch the public eye when placed next to something like a new Lamborghini but are revered by those with a genuine understanding of automobiles. Hart’s collection reflects a true appreciation for cars, evident in their immaculate condition and carefully considered modifications. Each vehicle in his collection goes above and beyond, and his latest addition is no exception.

At the 2023 SEMA Show, we get a glimpse of Hart’s newest acquisition – a 1970 Dodge Challenger sporting the moniker “Bane” after the infamous character from the Batman universe. This Mopar underwent an extensive transformation by Dave Kindig of Kindigit Design. Every aspect of the vehicle received customization, leaving no bolt untouched. Notably, performance upgrades took center stage, with the car now boasting over 1000 horsepower, a milestone that nobody would’ve though possible back in 1970.

In the video below, we witness the unveiling of this unique street machine at SEMA, a showstopper that captures attention and serves as a testament to Kevin Hart’s authentic passion for the automotive world.