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Taking an Old Man Cruiser Motorcycle on a Motocross Track

As gearheads, in our brains, there’s a revolving door of “what if’s.”

What if we took a big v8 and stuck it in a small car?

What if we took the family car down the drag strip?

Perhaps, the question is “What if we took a heavy bagger motorcycle and subjected it to off-road conditions?”

For this crew, option number three would be exactly what they had in mind. Dos Honduros were behind the handlebars of a pair of 1980 GL1100 Interstates when they decided that the highway wasn’t good enough. In this case, most will resort to some twisty back roads. However, instead, they decided to make a spectacle as they took the bikes to a motocross track!

There’s no shortage of amazing happening here as the riders push these bikes in a way that the original builders never saw coming. Instead of the smooth and drama-free ride that these bikes were built for, they had other plans. Instead, the machines would be thrown sideways, jumped, and otherwise abused!

We have to admit that we were rather curious to see how this one would pan out. The long story short is that we certainly weren’t disappointed. There’s no better way to stretch out the legs on an old cruiser than to take it for a spin in the dirt! For those who don’t agree, they still have to admit that it at least makes for one heck of a video!

By following along with the video below, we get to check out some insane action. These guys really go above and beyond in the name of putting on a show! We have to say that the 1980s theme song to match the bikes is a really nice touch. It’s the little things that really bring together these videos and make them memorable!

Here’s to a great time on two wheels!