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Grandpas Old Wagon Got A Serious Upgrade! Turbocharged LS Power Throws Down

One of the coolest aspects of drag racing is the countless approaches one can take when it comes to putting a car on the track. You can go all out – if your budget allows – and build a full-on tube chassis car with a composite body and all of the trick, lightweight components available to create the quickest car possible.

Or you can build a sleeper or any of the countless variations between the two. Of course, we love balls-to-the-wall builds that allow drivers to go out and break records and post new personal bests or just go out and put up some impressive numbers. But there will always be a level of cool that only a true sleeper can attain because often they too are quick enough to put up some ridiculous numbers, all the while looking like they should be in the Dollar General parking lot or maybe being driven back and forth to church by that nice lady down the street.

This Ford station wagon, for example, wouldn’t catch the eye of anybody passing by except for those who spend a lot of times around cars, and the only visual clue that this thing might be sleepy is the admittedly badass Weld wheels and drag radials on the back. If you were to put some stock-style wheels back on this thing, it would fool most anybody, at least until they hear the turbo spooling up.

But at that point, it’s usually too late and you’re locked into a race you’re suddenly feeling much less confident about winning. This thing yanks the front tires several feet in the air on the first pass, caught by our friend Justin from JMalcom2004 at Middle Georgia Motorsports Park. We don’t get to see the ET’s as that would certainly ruin any chance of this car sneaking up on anybody in the future – but it’s obvious this car is no joke!


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