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This Group Of Guys Will Show You Exactly How NOT To Unload A Truck

Well… I mean… Alright. I know most of us had parents that told us something along the lines of “there is a right and wrong way to do everything”, and these guys did a great job of finding the wrong way to unload this truck.

It seems like they have the right idea at first. The truck obviously isn’t road-ready, likely being without a running engine and possibly missing more parts underneath. So they tie a long tow strap to the front of the truck and just have the guy who is delivering it drive slowly in the other direction, basically sliding the trailer out from under the truck.

Things are going well right up until the truck reaches the dovetail, the part of the trailer at the rear end that slants downward to ease loading and unloading. At that point, this crazy phenomenon known as gravity takes over and does what gravity does, pulling the truck down the ramp and onto the ground below with a pretty sickening thud. The drop off isn’t all that far, maybe a foot or so, but the force with which the truck hits the ground is enough to send parts flying out from under the pickup. Then the rear wheels drop to the concrete and the bed cover, which doesn’t appear to have been properly installed, bounces out of place, and the bed itself actually buckled, indicating a very real chance the chassis has flexed in the middle.

Knowing older Chevy trucks to be reasonably well built – cue the comments from the Ford and Dodge camps in 3… 2.. – I’m surprised such a short drop did this kind of damage, but there’s no way of knowing what kind of shape the truck was in prior to it being dropped. It could have easily had chassis damage, or possibly been a rust bucket from up north that was on the verge of letting go at any moment.

Either way, I guess these guys learned a lesson and may go ahead and get out the ramps next time they have a vehicle delivered instead of just letting it roll off the trailer.