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Grandpa’s Subaru is a SUPERCHARGED V8 Sleeper!

When it comes to going fast, there are probably not too many combinations that are more unsuspecting than an older gentleman driving around in a Subaru Forester. At first glance, this particular combination looks like a regular guy who’s probably going to drive his Subaru to the grocery store every once in a while and maybe even to commute to the relatives on Thanksgiving.

In fact, this Subaru does just that. However, let’s just say that the car is hiding a little bit of a secret.

While the Forester might look like a typical Subaru, underneath that hood, it’s anything but. In fact, the car has been treated to a drivetrain swap completely from a Cadillac CTS-V. When the supercharged LSA is combined with the 6L90e automatic transmission also pulled from the Cadillac, the car ends up being quite potent.

In fact, when all is said and done, after a few more tweaks, the goal is for the Subaru to make about 700 hp that is sent through the rear-wheel-drive combination. It’s not all that often that we see Subarus like this doing burnouts with the screaming sound of a supercharged LS engine behind it all.

This time, we had to get up close and personal with the Subaru to learn a little bit more about it. The folks at That Racing Channel take us behind the scenes to hear all about how this formerly turbocharged Subaru has since become an LS-swapped Subaru. This is definitely a combination of car and driver that you don’t see on the road every day. It’s these sorts of unique builds that keep us coming back for more, though!

In the scheme of grocery getters out there, we would say that this is probably one of our favorite ways to hit the grocery store.