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The Winner of Our CTS-V Giveaway Didn’t Believe Us!

Being selected to win one of the baddest cars on Earth seems to be a rather mind-blowing experience for just about every one of our giveaway winners. In fact, many of them, including our latest winner, Mike Oliveira, simply don’t believe it’s real at first. It takes a little bit of explaining to get them to believe that they’ve actually won.

By the time that they touch down for the giveaway experience, we’re pretty sure that reality begins to sink in. In addition to giving away cars that we’re simply in love with, Speed Society likes to give winners a true VIP experience as well. This time, we’re taking you along for the ride as we hand over the keys to the modified Cadillac CTS-V.

The car makes enough power to really throw you in your seat and we knew that Mike was going to love it. Boy, were we right. It was hard to catch Mike during his VIP Experience without a massive smile on his face, ear to ear!

This time, our winner lived right near the shop that hooked the car upright, Vengeance Racing. It was a no-brainer that we had to get him over to the shop to check out the gorgeous facilities. From there, it was time to put the monster of a luxury machine on the track. There’s no better feeling than getting behind the wheel of an awesome car for the first time and immediately being able to sling it around som turns. Top it off with a little bit of go-kart racing and we wouldn’t mind living this VIP experience over and over again. By following along below, you’ll be able to join the experience for yourself!

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