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Grave Digger Goes Huge! Backflip and Big Jump at Monster Jam!

When you’re able to bear witness to a vehicle with four wheels going up in the air and doing any sort of stunt display, it always is pretty amazing to watch. Based on the fact that once in the air, the driver really has no maneuverability, the setup is really key here and if it doesn’t go exactly perfectly, well, I think you know what can happen there. When you see monster trucks hurling themselves into the air and trying to pull all these kinds of stunts, you really can’t help but keep your eyes peeled, making sure that you catch every last second of the action because you never really know what’s going to happen next.

This time, from one of the most popular monster trucks to ever do it in the one and only “Grave Digger,” the truck that’s recognizable from around the world, we get to see a display that shows exactly how the machine lives up to such high standards. It almost seems like Grave Digger is always the machine with the driver that has the most confidence out of everybody, really not hesitating to throw it around which really, as you can imagine, makes it a fan favorite in the process.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to watch yet another amazing Grave Digger display that sends this truck around the course, not hesitating to put it in the air and pull off an incredible backflip! During a couple of times where the machine ends up coming down hard during this display the thumps and bumps certainly don’t stop the momentum as Grave Digger keeps on digging down deep and throttling that screaming monster truck to the moon where it certainly is residing with the stars as it sits on a pedestal all its own.