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Mustang Driver Slides into Crowd, The Car Meet Decides to Destroy his Car

If it’s car meets that we’re talking about, there are definitely all sorts of different scenes to be had within this one subculture. It might seem like, to the untrained eye, that people come together and genuinely have the same experience with every meet that they go to but that’s certainly isn’t the issue. Even he or she who has been to very few meets might be able to be able to see that not all are created equally. The crowd that you can expect with each really varies from scene to scene. Just picture the difference between Cars and Coffee vs the local Friday night meets in your town.

This time, we check out one of those scenes that I don’t think too many people want to claim. There was a whole bunch of scenarios that allegedly went down at this car meet that would lead to the video that we see here and when you see it we have to warn you that it’s a little bit shocking. Apparently, the driver behind the wheel of this Ford Mustang managed to irritate the other enthusiasts at this meet as he would end up trying to drift when his car would end up sliding into a person! As to not try and let the driver get away, the people at the meet would begin to beat him down, doing everything that they could damage the car in the process.

If you tune in below, you’ll see the crazy scene as people are hammering on this car, doing as much damage as possible and one guy even takes the liberty of jumping on the windshield! You’d think that the best solution in a situation like this would probably be to call the police but I just don’t think that that’s something that’s going to be happening here. After peeking at the video for yourself, be sure to chime in with your take on what exactly happened at this meet and how it all should’ve been handled.


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