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Group Of Riders Get Into Crazy Road Rage Battle With a Dodge Charger!

Road Rage is something that can unfold at any time, anywhere, for any given reason. It’s not even necessarily something that has to make sense but can really injure people for stupid circumstances. One thing you know, you’re simply driving down the street and the next thing, one false move in traffic will have you throwing words back and forth with another driver who might just be taking things a little bit more seriously than you are. Heck, some people even bring a weapon into the mix which definitely is not something that ever should be done.

This time, we check out the situation that has a group of motorcycle riders mixing it up with someone behind the wheel of a Dodge Charger. It’s not really clear why all of this drama was sparked up in the first place and what is even less clear is why the heck it’s happening at a gas station. It’s a pretty crazy scene to watch as vehicles fly left and right and everybody is looking to either inflict damage or get out of the way as tempers fly, egos flare up, and everybody is looking to do something that they probably shouldn’t… Unless you’re talking about the people who are trying to get out of the way here!

If you follow along in the video below, you can check out this truly wild display that is definitely going nowhere quick. When searching for a motive and this one, you have to sit back and wonder, even in a worst-case scenario, is this any way to handle yourself out in public? It seems like some people really need to get back to the drawing board and consider what exactly they’re doing in life that a situation at a gas station like this is even close to being worth it. All of the unnecessary danger here is really a head-scratcher, to say least.