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Grudge Race: Round #2 – Another Huge Head Start But This Time The Nitrous WORKS!!!

Just a few short weeks ago, we brought you a grudge race showing two cars lined up, with one giving the other a massive 17 car head start. However, the faster car had an issue that kept his nitrous from working, leaving him looking like quite the fool after giving a huge head start and not gaining any ground at all on the white Mustang in the other lane.

Well the same two cars are back with another huge head start – though not quite as big as the first time – and a massive pile of cash on the line. This time, the Fairmont set the Mustang out 7 and a half cars, still an insane lead to try to overcome in the 1/8th mile. However, with everything in good working order on the Fairmont’s nitrous system, the outcome is much different.

The video, shot from the stands, opens with the cars staging up. An onlooker uses his foot to “stage for the Mustang that waits around the 100 foot mark while the Fairmont carefully bumps into the beams at the actual starting line. Once both cars are ready, the tree flashes amber, then green. However, since the Mustang also has the “move”, meaning the Fairmont leaves only when he sees the Mustang launch, they sit there for a moment before digging hard into the racing surface.

You can tell immediately that this race is drastically different from the first time, when the Fairmont left lazily and made up almost no ground on the Mustang. This go around, the car leaves with the front wheels high in the air and begins reeling the Mustang in instantly. However, the fox body hatch doesn’t give up without a fight, giving all it has as the Fairmont closes in at a high rate of speed.

Can the Fairmont close up the distance before the finish line??? You’ll have to hit the play button below and see for yourself!

7.5 car lengths in a 1/8 Mile race and came around him!!! Last time y’all saw Christopher Gordon giving 17 lengths in the 1/4 and took the L but not this time. Damn

Posted by Justin Malcom on Friday, March 30, 2018

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