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Gullwing Doors Will Soon be Released for C8 Corvette, Lambo Doors Already Hit the Market

One of the interesting things about the automotive aftermarket today is how quickly it moves along. With so much competition in the space and the internet bringing everybody closer together, higher quality products are delivered at a much quicker pace. With this in mind, after a new model comes out, the options to customize it are at the ready within just a couple of months of hitting the streets.

One modification that many have found interesting for the C8 Chevrolet Corvette is the option to add Lamborghini doors. There aren’t a whole lot of vehicles that use this style of door hinge anymore from the factory. However, with the exotic layout that the new Corvette offers, it might be interesting to see how it looks on Chevrolet’s flagship sports car.

As it turns out, the crew over at verticaldoors.com have already finished up their design for the specialized hinge. In fact, the kit is already available on their website. For those interested, the asking price is $2,899. That certainly seems like quite a pretty penny. However, it will likely make the Corvette in question one of the most unique on the block. The neat thing about something like this is that it’s a direct bolt-on. Therefore, if the owner wants to put the stock doors back on at any point for any reason, it should be a rather simple swap.

The man behind the design also tells us that there is a network of dealers and installers across the country who will be able to handle the process. Some will even travel to customer homes in order to install the door hinges that can be put on in a day.

By following along with the video below, we get a little little bit more about what a process like this is like. We also get a teaser of an upcoming hinge that will allow a gullwing door to be added to the C8 Corvette.