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Gutted Tesla P100D Sets New Quarter Mile Record Drag Racing!

When it comes to one of the cars that you need to look out for on tracks and streets across the country, anything sporting a Tesla badge is a potential candidate to really sneak up on you and pack a heavy punch. As recently as maybe a year or so ago, not too many people had any type of idea that an electric car like this could have any kind of juice behind it but, now that we have been seen these things in action, you really can get a good idea of what exactly they’re able to do. These machines have been chopping away at record after record and it won’t be long before we see them in the nine-second range in the quarter mile, territory that many never thought to be possible for an electric vehicle.

This time, we catch up with the gutted Tesla that seems to have been breaking the internet and is at the forefront of Tesla performance. In this one, the Tesla P100D hits the drag strip and manages the take home a new quarter mile record for the Tesla brand as a whole, stomping that elapsed time deep into the 10-second range. Even though we have been spoiled with being able to see all kinds of cars from around the nation going into the single digits and bringing home records as they reach over 250mph in the quarter mile, don’t get too desensitized because being able to see an electric car go this fast is truly an impressive feat that’s not to be taken for granted.

Follow along with the video below to see exactly how deep into the tens this Tesla will go. With a machine this fast and this consistent, it definitely has been proving to be a hard to beat contender out there, especially because it doesn’t seem to fluctuate too much with any given track or street conditions. Watching these cars make their mark is tons of fun and we will be here, reporting all of the action to see just how far they’ll be able to carry this electric car torch.