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Gutted Tesla P100D Trolls “All Motor” Racing Class

The Tesla Racing Channel is back with some more footage of their gutted Tesla P100D kicking some butt on the drag strip, this time taking on three different classes at the same time!

While the Tesla was competing in the 6.49 and 7.00 index classes, the main focus was the All Motor class, where, if you want to get technical, the Tesla would be the only car legal for the class, since the rest of the cars are powered by gasoline engines. However, the “All Motor” designation is used to simply denote cars that don’t use power adders, instead relying on naturally aspirated powerplants to traverse the track. All Motor just rolls off the tongue a little better than All Engine.

Lining up with some pretty healthy sounding Hondas, the Tesla doesn’t exactly just walk all over the class, but does make his way to the finals to take on a car capable of running in the 6.50’s. However, what should have been an awesome race fell short of expectations when the Honda spun hard off the line, a mistake that brutal Tesla all wheel drive launch will certainly make you pay for every time.

After taking the win in the All Motor class, our Tesla returns to staging to take on the next round of competition in the 7.00 class, but turns on the dreaded red light by fourteen ten-thousandths of a second, sending him home prematurely.

Our host’s dad is also competing in the 7.00 class in his P100D, but he got caught sleeping at the tree and was sent home early as well.

While he didn’t win the index classes, we’d still have to say taking the win in the All-Motor class is a pretty cool deal and we send our buddy at the Tesla Racing Channel big congrats for taking the win and continuing to push his car to be quicker and faster!