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Guy Loses His Mind, Buries $100k SEMA Truck to Make a Bunker

At this point, we think that we can just go ahead and crown WhistlinDiesel the king of YouTube destruction.

For those who haven’t been following along, one of his most recent projects is a doozy. Essentially, this is the latest leg of the journey for a truck that was said to have been built for SEMA. Even if the truck were just a regular Ford F-350, it would’ve cost a pretty penny. Instead, it’s decked out with all sorts of high dollar equipment that really makes this thing stand out from the pack.

Normally, trucks like these be held in high regard. They’d probably be kept in the garage and cleaned up regularly. Most certainly wouldn’t be likely to be put through any sort of hard work. That wasn’t exactly the plan for this truck, though.

Instead of a gentle lifestyle, the YouTube truck has been through everything from being filled with concrete to smashed with a crowbar. In pursuit of a viral sensation, the next idea from the WhistlinDiesel YouTube channel was to create a bunker.

In a day and age where nobody knows what’s coming tomorrow, having a bunker doesn’t seem like all that crazy of an idea. Sure, building one might be a little bit over-preparing but hey, better safe than sorry, right?

As it turns out, though, most people don’t start off with a $100,000 pickup truck to build their bunker. Regardless, we’re taken along for every second of this obscure journey. Let’s be honest, you have probably never wondered what a pickup truck starting up under the ground would be like. Now that we’re talking about it, though, you probably can’t help but want to see the results.

By following along with the video below, we get to see just that. This is definitely an odd video, to say the least. That’s just what we’ve come to expect from this over-the-top YouTuber, though. However, we have to admit that we are thoroughly entertained.