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Guy Buys Dodge Demon And Takes It Straight To The Track!

With more and more Dodge Challenger SRT Demon’s being delivered to their new owners all the time, we are starting to see some real world testing of the factory-built drag car on the track, and the numbers are as impressive as we’d hoped they’d be.

While it’s still the offseason for most of the country, there are a few tracks that are open for business. This guy, YouTuber Demonology, headed to the infamous Texas outlaw track Yello Belly, or “The Gut” as the locals call it. Located in Grand Prairie, the track is known for hosting some of of the sketchiest racing ever seen on the narrow, notoriously unpredictable surface. But don’t think that reputation keeps the big boys away, there have been some badass hotrods head to The Gut to race for big money.

Demonology headed out with his bone stock Demon to get some good baseline runs under his belt to see where the car is at before beginning to modify his ride. For those who haven’t really looked into the Demon’s features, it actually has three ways to launch the car: a transbrake, launch control, and footbraking. Each method has it’s pros and cons, and we’ll let each owner decide what is best for them.

When we were invited to test drive the Demon last summer, I got a top secret tip from another driver who’d driven the car extensively that while the transbrake and launch control were very cool and very fast, the quickest times recorded with the car were actually launched by good old fashioned footbraking. My time behind the wheel found this to be true, and Demonology’s data seems to back that up as well. You can see at the end of the video, he was able to go considerably quicker footbraking that the other two methods, though that may very well change when he bolts up a pair of slicks on the rear. Only time and passes down the track will tell for sure, and luckily Demonology seems to have that planned in his near future!