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Guy Caught Stealing a Bicycle Catches an Attitude when Confronted

In this day and age, unfortunately, it seems like anything that isn’t bolted down, whether it be something as big as a car or small as a bicycle is subjected to being stolen. To someone who earns their living honestly, it will never quite be clear why there are people out there who have to steal something from somebody else instead of just going out there and getting it for themselves. We can sit here and talk about it until we’re blue in the face but no matter what we say, it will always happen.

This time, we jump into a situation that involves somebody who tried to steal something but this situation presents something that is rather unique. Normally, if someone were in the act of trying to rip off somebody’s bicycle, you’d think that they would probably either fess up to it on the spot or drop what they were doing and run away. When this guy got caught in the act, however, he had other plans as he started to get a little bit testy with the guy who was filming him trying to get the bike lock undone. He even had the audacity to throw the bystander an attitude and hang around for a while even after he had gotten caught.

Caught red handed or not, it looks like the guy was ready and determined to talk his way out of the situation, saying that he was checking the bike lock to make sure that it was secure before giving the cameraman a big attitude and a couple of choice curse words before walking off. You have to feel for someone who is in a bad enough situation where they have to feel like they need to steal something to get by but, ladies and gentlemen, crime is never the answer. In this situation, crime just happened to result in public shaming on the Internet!