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Guy Cuts Apart Friend’s Car, Puts it in his Room as a Prank

As one of the more popular categories on YouTube over the past year or two, the prank sector has been hit hard with all sorts of creative ideas of how one friend, significant other, or colleague could figure out a way to get inside the head of another, completely catching the mark off guard and sometimes immersing them in situations that seem so surreal that they couldn’t possibly be unfolding.

Many times, watching how these pranks are executed is incredibly interesting to see just the lengths that some people will go through in order to fool around with someone else.

This time, we check out yet another prank display and we have to admit that we’re pretty impressed by what this one has to offer. At the end of the prank, the person who is getting the joke pulled on them is in for the nice surprise of some money to buy a new car at the other end of this ordeal but, in the meantime, he’s going to get screwed around with just a little bit and probably have a slight panic attack when he sees exactly what was done to his car. Seeing what you rely on as regular transportation chopped up into pieces and brought inside is definitely not something that’s going to hit you lightly no matter how much of a piece of junk it is.

If you follow along down the video below, you’ll get to see the entire prank from setup to execution and the reaction that we have all been waiting for. If you’re in on a prank like this, it’s probably somewhere that you be better off treading in lightly because you really never know how someone is going to react to a situation like this, whether you’re friends or not. According to the people pulling the prank here, they were pretty sure that the owner had no attachment to the car but in a situation like this, you never know what might just happen.

That poor Dodge never saw it coming!