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Guy Gets Ripped In Half By Mustang, Have “Pranks” Gone too Far?

Over the past year or so on YouTube, it might have tapered off a little bit, but here and there, we still see videos that are labeled as “pranks” that really push the line with exactly what people will be willing to do the other human beings in order to draw out a little bit of a shock factor. Some of these pranks really take the term to an all-new meaning, stretching out the definition of what you can expose people to and get away with. This time, it certainly is no exception as we see quite a shocking prank unfolding right in front of our eyes as the scene is set in a parking garage.

TwinzTV is behind this one as they head out with a buddy who appears to have lost his legs at some point in time to get in on the pranking action. They take full advantage of the situation to attach the man to a fake set of legs underneath of the car in question and make it look as if they’ve run him over. When the unsuspecting bystanders catch the action and come over to help, they pull on the top of his body which then, naturally, detaches from the fake set of legs, giving the illusion that the man had been torn in half, especially when you consider the fact that fake guts are introduced into the equation which further propelled the illusion that he had been dismembered by the Ford Mustang.

Follow along in the prank below and tell us where you draw the line between something being a prank and being downright evil. After being a party to this, I would have to think that some of these people might have been pretty startled and even scarred. Being put through a traumatic experience like that certainly isn’t any fun but perhaps, on the other hand, like many of the pranks that we see on YouTube these days, this is just another set of actors looking to make their way in Hollywood through a device that has been labeled a “prank” but is nothing more than acting. Be sure to give us your thoughts on the situation.



Posted by Viral Vault on Wednesday, November 15, 2017

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