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Guy Goes Mudding After Installing Massive Farm Equipment Wheels on Duramax

It seems like, in this day and age, YouTube is the land of trying to one-up everyone else on how crazy you can be with your experiments. While this might sound like a simplistic breakdown of what exactly YouTube creators are doing in order to entertain their audience, think of how likely you wouldn’t be inclined to watch one of your favorite YouTubers if they kept making the same old content over and over again. I mean, after all, one of the main purposes of the platform is to live vicariously through situations that you either don’t want to try out for yourself or maybe situations that you have yet to be able to get yourself into.

When it comes to the former of trying out all different kinds of wacky and wild experiments that most folks probably wouldn’t dare, we’ve been following the WhistlinDiesel YouTube channel that seems good keep on stepping up their game up in order to do all of the craziest things that this pickup truck owner can think up with a Chevrolet Silverado, powered by Duramax diesel, of course. The result is something that seems like it’s going to end up being catastrophic but somehow, you won’t be able to take your eyes off of it.

This time, in the crazy experimentation that WhistlinDiesel is taking on, we check out the result of his trial of sticking some massive farm equipment wheels and tires on his truck, only to go off-roading with them and see how everything lines up. I’m not really sure where he manages to come up with these sorts of wild concepts to start with but it was definitely something that we were awaiting the outcome of as soon as we clicked the play button below. The results definitely delivered on all of the anticipation!