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Guy in a Wheel Chair Won’t Let Lamborghini Pass

When you get a dose of a good old fashion situation that really seems to have no explanation but you also get no context to go along with it, sometimes, things can get interesting. After all, this is where the best battles on the internet begin because you always know that everybody is going to find their way to the comment section and their opinions are going to be king.

This time, we have just that sort of video as two unlikely competitors go head-to-head with one another in the street and it seems like they end up in quite a stalemate, that is until a little bit of outside interference joins in and really makes this competition come to life.

In one corner here, we have an individual driving in a high dollar car, a Lamborghini to be a little bit more precise. In the other corner, we have an individual in a wheelchair who makes his way across the path of the Lamborghini but instead of continuing on, decides that he wants to stop and maybe taunt the driver of the car a little bit. With no context here and a caption that appears to be designed to do nothing more than incite a little bit of an argument, we’re left to do nothing more than watch human nature unfold in front of us.

When a nearby pedestrian decides to jump in and help, this one gets even more bewildering as we try to put the pieces in place and figure it all out. However, if you check out the video below, you might just be able to decipher this one for yourself to be able to have some insight to figure out what exactly is going on.  With a stalemate like this, we’re kind of surprised that this one didn’t end up on pay-per-view!