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Guy Turns Entire Backyard Into Remote Control Race Track

Where there’s a will and enough space, may we add, there’s a way! In this one, we get to follow along with just that line of thinking as one individual who was apparently a pretty big remote control aficionado took it upon himself to take the typical American backyard as we know it and transform it into the ultimate playground, doing something that the inner kid within us all could appreciate. Let’s just hope that he doesn’t have any dogs because, well, we’ll just say that the area left that’s dedicated to grass is kind of hard to come by. There’s no time for grass, though, when you’re having this good of a time!

In this one, we get the grand tour of a remote control track that almost looks like a professional facility but instead of being in a public place is in someone’s backyard, providing the ultimate remote control adrenaline rush and all that this enthusiast has to do is crack open the back door and get to the fun. I’m not quite sure what this is doing for the resale value of the home but it sure does look like a lot of fun and certainly is going to cut down on the responsibility of having to mow the grass every week.

If you follow along in the video below, you’ll be able to tun in to what might just be the RC fanatic’s dream yard! Complete with all sorts of swooping turns, inclines, and jumps, this looks like something that will have just about anyone who gets a kick out of remote control machines ready to line up and get to action! There’s just something about a setup like this that makes you feel like you need to grab the controls for yourself and give this hobby a whirl!

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