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New Camaro SS Hack Job From Hell

No matter what kind of modification you want to get done, if you can’t do the work yourself, picking out just the right shop could make all of the difference. There’re all kinds of shops in this country and around the world with both high and low prices that will be ready to take your money and install your modifications for you. However, it’s important that you look into how previous customers have dealt with these people and how satisfied they are with the job. If you take your car to the wrong shop, well, there’s a good chance that you’re going to have to pay twice as much to get it fixed when they mess it up.

This time, it’s not the traditional performance application that this brand-new Chevrolet Camaro SS is getting, however, the modification that it needed to undergo was extensive enough that would be a good idea to take it to a professional who knew what they were doing. As it turned out, the owner of this brand-new vehicle wanted to get bigger wheels on the car than would fit with the stock suspension. Therefore, obviously, some suspension modification and maybe a little bit of body modification would be necessary in order to get the perfect look.

However, the shop that the owner of this car elected to go with did pretty much everything that they could to guarantee that the end result was nothing short of a complete hack job. If I were this owner, I would be very upset with the outcome as it looks like whoever worked on this thing took to it with cheap materials and maybe a reciprocating saw and just went to town. To say that this thing ended up being completely butchered would be an understatement so feel free to follow along down in the video below to see all of the awful modifications that have been performed on a rather expensive automobile, only to have someone else being paid to fix them!

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