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Handing Over the Keys to a 1200HP Demon, New Owner’s Reaction is Priceless!

What is your personal version of the perfect day?

Here at Speed Society, we like to think that we offer a pretty awesome version of the perfect day. For example, what could possibly be better than flying out to sunny San Diego to get your hands on your very own Dodge Demon or a variety of other awesome cars?

With each and every giveaway that we do, we try to not only up the ante in terms of the cars that we give away but also improve upon our VIP experience as well. At the end of the day, not only do we want to hand over the keys to an awesome machine and $20,000 in cash. We also want to make sure that our winners have a story to go home with.

This time, you can ride along with the most recent VIP experience as we hand over the keys to one gnarly Dodge Demon and a pile of cash to our most recent winner, Jordan Hansen of Utah.

To get things started off, Hanson would fly first class into San Diego where we would pick him and a friend up with a couple of awesome rides to get things kicked off the right way. Among these rides was our current giveaway machine in a C8 Corvette that Hanson got to ride with back to Speed Society headquarters.

From there, things only got a little bit more intense as we not only handed over the keys to this insane beast of a Demon. Jordan also got to see a couple of the insane rides around headquarters along with going on a ride in one of our Nissan GT-Rs.

By following along with the video below, you’ll get to see a situation that you might just be in next. To find out how to win our current giveaway, you can check it out here.