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The Harley-Davidson Ford Truck Is Back.

Ford F-150 Harley-Davidson Edition: An Off-Road

For those who have been keeping a close eye on Ford trucks, they might have noticed that the Harley-Davidson and Ford collaboration has snuck out of sight for a while. In fact, it has been since the year 2012 that we had seen a Harley badge on a Ford F-150. The collaboration was one of the more interesting ones in the automotive world. Sometimes, a couple of companies get together and it just works. This was an example of just that. This really seemed to be the case as there was quite a nice mesh between these two.

For those who have been missing the offering, it might be time to go out and grab a new truck. It’s not going to come cheap but The Harley Davidson edition F-150 is back, looking to make an impact once again. The new truck is based on a Lariat and brings a nice touch to the table that will have owners feeling the open road.

This past year, only a handful were produced but from what we understand, there’s supposed to be 1000 or more in the works in 2019. Starting at $80k or so for a 2-wheel-drive model, the trucks have been retouched from head to toe. A restyled exterior features colors that the Harley fan might just be quite familiar with. Up front, a completely reworked grill gives the truck a look that’s all its own along with the 22-inch wheels that are designed to emulate the Fatboy motorcycle.

Inside, we notice motorcycle grade leather seats that really make occupants feel like this is a special vehicle. Every truck is powered by the 5.0 L Coyote power plant so it’s certainly going to be a blast to drive. This certainly seems like a vehicle that offers up all of the bells and whistles that one could want or need when considering a pickup truck. For a price like that, we’d certainly hope so. With such limited numbers, the truck will also serve as a model that not too many other people on the block are going to have the opportunity to own. Who knows? Maybe one day this thing will be a collectible.

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