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Hauling A Record Load! It Took How Many Trucks??

When it comes to hauling an oversized load, most of us think of seeing manufactured homes being moved, one half at a time, down the highway, or a piece of heavy equipment like a tractor or bulldozer. We usually roll our eyes at the inconvenience, but rarely stop to think about larger items that might have to be moved.

While those things might take up more than one lane of the road, there’s usually a way to get around them and get on with your day, but imagine moving something that is wider than both lanes, as long as a football field, and taller than a typical house, even when laid over on its side for transport. Oh, and by the way, it also weighs almost two million pounds!

That’s exactly what renown heavy equipment movers Mammoet were tasked with, and they brought out just about every piece of specialized equipment that they have to get the job done, but as usual, they got the job done. I wish I knew what, exactly, this massive pipe-shaped piece is, but regardless of its intended purpose, it’s certainly the largest single item I’ve ever seen transported over the road.

Mammoet, the company who specializes in moving seeming immovable things, brought out no fewer than six trucks to pull and push the massive tube. They also used their specialized steerable trailer-like platforms to not only control the massive burden, but to spread the tremendous weight out over as many tires as possible, to keep down the amount of stress on each individual tire, and to help spread the load over a wider area of asphalt to keep from destroying the roadway under the crushing weight.

As you can see, things went very slowly, but smoothly. With their specialized equipment and a methodical approach to this project, the company had no issues moving this massive piece.