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What Does it Take to Become a Ferrari VIP, Get Access to Rare Car Releases?

In the world of wheels, brand equity is a very real concept. In fact, depending on what brand you’re discussing, it might be one of the most important aspects of the car. I don’t think that there’s any hiding the fact that the markup on some cars is a lot higher than others. For example, Ferrari might have a lot more money invested in research and development than one of its competitors. However, the markup is still going to be astronomically higher because of the brand and the weight that it holds. Slap another emblem on the hood and you could be talking about thousands of dollars in price reduction if not hundreds of thousands of dollars for the same exact car.

These brands also aren’t ones that are crafted overnight. You might be wondering why somebody would be willing to pay that much more for a Ferrari when inherently, it doesn’t really make much sense as we’re sure that money can be spent more efficiently elsewhere. That’s not a knock on Ferrari, it’s just speaking the truth when it comes to these ultra exotic luxury brands. In the scheme of things, the answer is that there are tons of maneuvers that these companies make in order to make sure that they don’t lose brand equity because it’s one of the biggest boosters of the bottom line. Even in a world of supercars, some of the brands that you will find will be a lot more serious about this concept than others, even going so far as controlling how their cars are modified after being purchased or who has access to buy a new model.

Ed Bolian, the founder of VINWiki, describes it pretty well and even offers a series of the habits that anyone could be able to practice if they were one of those folks who was looking to get into an exclusive supercar. For those rare releases and first chance buying opportunities, in many cases, not just anybody off of the street can walk up and buy a Ferrari, regardless of if you have plenty of money or not. The video below tells the tale of how one could become a supercar VIP by using the “LOVE” method.

It might sound a little bit crazy but when you look at it… Well, it is. Does it work? We’ll leave that one up to the experts.

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