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Have You Ever Seen an Engine’s Internal Combustion? Watch it in Slow Motion

A few days ago, we brought you a video featuring a clear-headed engine, but the guys turning the wrenches were unable to get it to crank and run.

So, we dug around a bit and found this video, from Kawasaki España’s Facebook page, that shows an engine with a clear head running like a champ, and as you would expect, the footage is really cool. But when they slow things down and record the combustion process in slow-motion, that’s when things really start to blow your mind.

If you ever had trouble envisioning the four-stroke process, now you can see it in full effect. The intake valve opens as the piston falls through the cylinder, filling the combustion chamber with fresh air, which is carrying droplets of fuel. Then as the piston begins to rise, the valve closes, sealing the chamber and allowing the piston to compress the air and fuel mixture. The conditions are right for combustion, so the spark from the spark plug sets off an explosion, which forces the piston back down the cylinder. This is where horsepower comes from!

On the next stroke, the spent gasses are forced out the now-open exhaust valve, and the whole process starts anew. This is some amazing footage, and a great learning tool for any gearhead!

¿Habéis visto alguna vez la combustión de un motor en vivo? Míralo en slow motion (Merece la pena verlo con sonido).Link original vía Warped Perception:

Posted by Kawasaki España on Thursday, January 19, 2017


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