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There’s nothing like dropping the exhaust off of an American V8 to turn a tame daily driver into a slightly less tame daily driver. That’s exactly what Mike, also known as YouTuber Street Speed 717, has decided to do with his latest project, a blue C6 he’s lovingly dubbed Grampa.

Z06’s and ZR1’s not withstanding, the C6 was kind of the confused middle sibling between the C5, which introduced us to the venerable LS series of engine, and the C7, which has taken the Corvette moniker in a bold new direction. The styling was super okay, more refined than the scrappy C5 but not as edgy as the C7, which seems to have channeled the Lambo playbook for it’s appearance and certainly cranks out some impressive numbers.

The C6 was a solid performer, and as always, the LS engine responded well to modifications, making the car a great platform for enthusiasts, especially once the price of used C6’s began to drop. As you can see in Mike’s video, one area where the car comes up considerably short is the stock exhaust note, which sounds more like a family sedan than an iconic American sports car.

So, Mike decided that this C6 will be hushed no more. Grabbing his wrenches and diving under the car, Mike set about removing the rear section of the exhaust, which includes the mufflers. With nothing to contend with but a few bolts and some exhaust hangers, the whole rear section actually unbolted from the car pretty easily, leaving only the swap bar to interfere with the removal of the mufflers. A few more bolts and the sway bar was out of the way, allowing the rear half of the exhaust to slip out easily over the rear transaxle.

With the mufflers deleted, the car sounds much more like a sports car, at least from what we can tell through the video, which can only do so much to recreate the car’s actual exhaust note. With the first modification out of the way, the floodgates are open for the mods to start!



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