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He Stole Mom’s Cadillac, Modded It, And Went Racing!

For those who head out to a Street Car Takeover event, they never know what they’re going to get. On one hand, we might be catching some amazing cars ripping down the track at insane speeds. On the other, maybe there are more tame street cars with a little bit of a story behind them. This time, we check out a car that most certainly falls into the latter as this’s Cadillac might’ve just been the most unlikely candidate to make it on the track that day. We have to say that we’re loving every minute of the lore behind this one.

In this one, we catch up with Dalton, a guy who some might recognize for a variety of different cars that have gained notoriety. One of his most popular would be Boost Lee, the Toyota Supra that gained some serious viral traction a couple of years back. As it turns out, Dalton is always tinkering with something or another but when his other cars were having some sort of issue that he didn’t really want to solve or couldn’t solve in a timely manner, he decided that his best course of action would be to borrow mom’s car.

By following along down in the video below, we get the lowdown on why he thought it would be a good idea to modify mom’s Cadillac CTS-V. The car would end up competing in one of the index classes at Street Car Takeover’s Atlanta enent. What it was all said and done, the Cadillac made a couple of passes in the 11-second range, trying to pin down that perfect 11.0 to win the class. However, once they get it fully dialed in, we have a feeling that mom might be happy to hear that the car will probably be a single digit machine once the nitrous is finally turned on.