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Mike Murillo Talks About Winning Season 2 Of No Prep Kings

With sixteen titles to his name, Mike Murillo has won as many world championships as NHRA Funny Car legend John Force. While the type of racing he does may not be on the same scale as Force, who needs a budget in the tens of millions per season to run his multi-car operation, Murillo is no less a badass amongst his peers, and without sponsors holding him over a barrel, Murillo is free to speak his mind about anything and everything.

With 660 Films’ camera rolling, Mike sat down to discuss the ins and outs of the no prep world, including winning his sixteenth world championship last year when he took the No Prep Kings points title. Mike also has something to say about those teams making the switch to no prep after seeing payouts grow over the past few years, among quite a few other topics.

In true Murillo fashion, Mike pulls no punches, letting it be known exactly how he feels, including talking about radial racing, and radial racers coming to the no prep world. As you might imagine, as one of the heavy hitters in his domain, Murillo doesn’t exactly think an influx of new racers is a great thing, citing that he’s “paid his dues”, while calling out the new teams for chasing payouts and television cameras.

While I don’t know if I personally agree with Murillo on the subject, as the No Prep Kings world champion, it’s certainly his prerogative to state his opinion. If you want no prep racing to grow and thrive, keeping out new competitors seems like the last things you would want to do, especially when many of those new teams bring their own following of fans. But, Mike doesn’t see it that way, and that seems to be the underlying theme for many no prep racers, who seem to think they’re protecting the sanctity of their niche by keeping out new competitors.

Only time will tell if this is the right approach, but after Daniel Pharris made such a splash in Dewayne Mills’ Golden Kong last weekend, I have a feeling we’re going to see a few more teams making the switch.

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