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Heath Pinter’s 1929 Ford Sport Coupe (Routeless) [HOONIGAN] DT: 037

Join us, today as we take another ride inside of the Hoonigan Donut Garage to check out another episode of Daily Transmission that brings a classic to life in a way that will definitely get your gears turning on this Thursday afternoon to help you get through the rest of the day.

As Heath describes it, his 1929 Ford Sport Coupe has been constructed with various parts sourced from wherever he could find them just to get it on the road to be a cruiser but when you take a close look at this thing, you definitely can’t help but admire how everything came together in such a clean package that will make you want to hop in and go for a ride in this classic beast.

Check out the video down below that gives you the lowdown on everything that you can expect out of this ride straight out of late 20s. Also, as you know, it wouldn’t be a Hoonigan video without prompting a little bit of a smoke show to follow-up the tour of this awesome car. Soak it all in and get your horsepower fix down in the video below!


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