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Floorboard Frys An Egg! Heatshield Can Help.

There are a lot of components that move toward making a vehicle complete. One of the components that aren’t really thought about as much as maybe it should be would be insulation. After all, even in cold climates, a poorly insulated vehicle can either gain or lose heat at a dismal rate. Heat isn’t always a bad thing, that is, if we’re talking about the temperature inside of our cabin on a cold day. However, if we’re talking about a hot day where an exhaust is bleeding heat into a cabin, perhaps it’s something to keep out. When it comes to high-performance applications like Heatshield, this can get even more intense as such a combo will generally generate a little bit more heat than not.

Now, said heat could be something that really isn’t creating a happy situation inside the vehicle. However, that isn’t to say that we have to just stand by and take it. Instead, we can defend ourselves in a variety of different ways. One of the ways is through picking up something from a company like Heatshield Products. Essentially, the company develops products that prevent unwanted temperature fluctuations in concentrated areas. After all, heat being recycled into the engine bay or into the cabin is certainly not very user-friendly most of the time.

Down below, we see quite an interesting demonstration that shows us how these products might work. In this Heatshield products demonstration, we check out a simulation of a car floor. Should the right series of events line up with a poorly insulated system, the floor of a vehicle might get so hot that it’s able to fry an egg. In this demonstration, we see a side-by-side breakdown of what an unprotected area of floorboard would look like along with one insulated by a Heatshield Products application. On one hand, that egg is certainly sizzling and on the other, well, bare skin is able to touch the same surface without issue. Consider us sold.