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Hot Wheels Making Diecast Collection Of Original Fast And Furious Cars

I’m not sure why it’s taken almost two decades for Hot Wheels to release these cars, but they have finally started shipping the 5 original “hero cars” from the Fast and the Furious film the debuted when I was just nineteen years old, back in 2001. While we had no idea at the time we were watching the birth of a global blockbuster franchise, me and several buddies went to the theaters to watch the night the movie premiered.

There’s no Supra or wheel standing Challengers, because those cars didn’t appear until later in the film. This set of five includes Brian O’Connor’s Mitsubishi Eclispe, Dominic Toretto’s RX7, Vince’s R33 Skyline, Jesse’s Volkswagen Jetta, and Letty’s S14. These cars are first seen together at in the Diner scene, where Brian famously says “I’ll have the tuna. No crust.”

The review posted below from The Lamley Group on YouTube goes into great detail about the cars themselves, as well as the packaging, which turns out to be a really cool side-by-side poster, basically, showing all the cars lined up as if they’re racing. Of course, if you know the movie, you know these 5 cars never lined up to race together, but the imagery is still really cool, especially if you notice the floorboard from the Eclipse tumbling behind the car in a shower of sparks, per the infamous “Danger To Manifold” bit.

The reviewer dives into the details about the cars themselves, opening each car and sitting it atop a makeshift turntable that shows the graphics in great detail, which is important for the Hot Wheels collectors out there. He breaks down the castings, as well as the chassis and wheel selections. While the wheels are not 100% accurate to what we saw in the movie, at least Mattel did put in the effort to mix the wheels up a bit instead of having them all riding on the same rolling stock.

Look for these cars in stores near you, they should be hitting shelves any day now if they’re not already there.