Hellcat Powered Prius Hits the Drag Strip, YES, Really

Over the years, that certainly have been lots of intriguing and different builds ...

Over the years, that certainly have been lots of intriguing and different builds unfolding in front of our eyes as people who were looking to make machines fast also dip their spoons into trying to make vehicles that are just a little bit different than the last. After all, one of the most intriguing things about the automotive performance community is how different each and every setup can really be. If every last car was exactly the same, things would begin to get rather boring, right?  Therefore, with builds like this, we check out some setups that really maximize the different factor and mix things up a little bit.

Now, when the Hellcat platform burst onto the scene, the 707 hp the was cranked out was really enough to turn heads. Even up to this point in time, although it’s bigger brother in the Demon platform has been unleashed, the Hellcat application is still a force to be reckoned with as it cranks out 707 hp of pure terror.

Therefore, as the cars begin to age, you’ll probably be seeing this engine combination in more and more vehicles across the landscape. However, one of the early adopters of the Hellcat swap isn’t exactly something that you would expect, or even a car that would be anywhere near the performance landscape at all, in any capacity, in most cases.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll get to watch as the Hellcat powered Toyota Prius actually ends up hitting the quarter-mile and soaring down it with flying colors.

After watching something like this, you can definitely color us impressed because literally, every last aspect of this car has to be custom in order to make all of these pieces come together in just the right proportion to scoot this Prius down the track faster than any Prius has probably gone before.

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