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Her First Time in a Rally Car With a Professional Driver Goes Awry

Sometimes, when you watch professional driver do what it is that they do best behind the wheel, while they are in action, you might not really realize just how hard some of these guys and girls are really pushing their machines out there. Sure, from this side of the screen, it could be fun to have a little bit of a good time at someone else’s expense when they absolutely freak out while inside of something like a rally car or maybe a drift machine. However, sometimes, it can truly be difficult to be able to grasp what exactly it is that someone is going through when they’re put in one of these situations.

This time, we get to see another example of just how extreme something like a rally car might be. In this particular situation, when a ready and willing bystander finds it within herself to hop in the passenger seat of such a rally car, it’s on to attempt to go out there and try to give this person a ride of a lifetime. As the brave bystander straps herself into the passenger seat here, it’s really game on as she tries to put on a brave face and give this one all that she’s got, all with the attempt to write it down on the list of life stories. Not everyone is able to experience an adrenaline rush like this, after all.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to bear witness to an absolute freak out that has this rider clinging to the seat belt and hoping for the best. In a situation like this, you really never know what’s going to happen or how intense a ride in something like this is going to be so we have to give kudos to this rider for going out there in the first place and really giving it her all.

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