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Here’s Why Top Gun: Maverick Should Live up to the Hype

Unfortunately, due to the recent pandemic, Top Gun: Maverick has been put on hold. For those who are anxious to see how the second installment is going to pan out, they will have to wait until the 2020 holiday season. However, until then, there are some bits and pieces of information, and behind-the-scenes looks floating around the Internet.

If there’s one thing that’s no secret about the upcoming sequel, it’s that it has a lot to live up to. Just being awesome simply isn’t going to do. Fans of the original film are sure to put it on a pedestal and give the sequel an incredibly high standard to live up to. This time, we learn of a couple of details about the movie that really gives it an edge over the last film.

Sure, with the high standard, it’s definitely going to be difficult to top the original. However, with the help of some live filming techniques, those action sequences might just have a little more zing. A perfect example of this is how the crew was able to shove 6 IMAX quality cameras in the cockpit of the jets. That’s certainly a lot more advanced than it was back when the original came out.

We know the action sequences can’t make up for a great storyline. However, being able to see them like this certainly isn’t going to hurt the cause. In addition, it will help to gather genuine reactions. Tom Cruise reminds us that it’s difficult to act out the G-forces that are pressed upon occupants of fighter jets. It’s better to actually be in the cockpit than to have to act out the situation. With these sorts of cameras, they will allow the actors to do just that.

By following along with the video below, We learn about that and more. We think that this film is in good hands as it brings back a lot of the original cast. Being stuck inside has us really hurting for entertainment so hopefully, Top Gun: Maverick is as amazing as the trailers make it look when it finally comes out!

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