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Hidden Government Secret: Water Powered Car Inventor Vanishes

Today, Speed Society is here as a substitute to fill in as your history teacher. We flashback 20 years or so ago to an inventor by the name of Stanley Meyer. Now, at the time, Meyer had claimed to invent a device to make every car run off of the power of water.

The story tells us that Meyer had even been convicted of fraud for his invention in court, however, a great number of people believe that it was all a cover-up when Meyer suddenly died a few years later immediately following a dinner with potential investors.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve heard of a story like this and we’re sure it most certainly won’t be the last. Are you buying into the hype? Do you think that there will one day be cars powered by water or that they already exist?

Excuse the potato camera quality and check out the video below. Be sure to give us your take on the so-called invention and if you think it’s real or not.


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