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Meet The Highest Horsepower Pontiac Ever Dynoed

It’s pretty crazy to think about. As of this upcoming December, there will have been a decade that has passed since Pontiac has produced a vehicle. We have all speculated about a revival of the nameplate. At this point in time, it’s really not looking all that promising, though.

Even though they’re no longer manufacturing new cars, the community still lives on strongly. There are still plenty of Pontiac enthusiasts around as they build all sorts of different machines that are really a whirlwind of the senses.

Perhaps one of the fan favorites would be the Pontiac GTO Judge. Clad in bright orange, these machines really define what it is to be a muscle car. Finding one in good condition really has a way of making the adrenaline pump and making our hearts jump straight out of our chests. When we see one like the GTO put together by Tommy Youman, our hearts definitely beat a little bit harder. This thing is nothing short of a powerhouse!

Fitted with a 505 cubic inch screaming v8, this thing makes some serious power. When accompanied by a pair of massive turbos and a Fueltech ft600, the owner and Fueltech alike claim that this is the highest horsepower Pontiac ever put on a dyno. They don’t release the numbers, which we found to be a bit odd with such a claim. However, we have no reason to doubt the fact that this thing creates a ton of power. It certainly wouldn’t be shocking to hear that it has made more power than any Pontiac ever.

Regardless of the inclusion or exclusion of power numbers, the car is still a blast to watch. By tuning into the video below, we’re able to see the machine hit the hub dyno and really crank out some numbers.

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