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Highway Truck Topples 80+ mph winds

When it comes to the supersized big rigs that you find on the highway, these things are a lot more difficult to maneuver than regular cars and trucks. This is why the operators need to have a special licenses to prove that they are skilled enough to take them onto the roadways.

When out and about on the roads, not only are there more hazards that strike when you’re driving a bigger vehicle like this, but those hazards seemed to sneak up more quickly as reactions when behind the wheel of a truck like this take twice as long to come to fruition.

This time, we check out a big rig driver who couldn’t do anything about it as his truck toppled over and slid sideways down the highway after being blindsided by gust of wind that would leave the driver helpless. Check out the video below as the truck goes over and skids to a terrifying stop.

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