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Highway wheelie goes horribly wrong as bike goes tumbling

Perhaps one of the biggest things that makes stunt riding on a motorcycle appealing is the fact that with any false move, catastrophe can really unfold. When the rider has the composure to make sure that such ugly events not go down, it is incredibly impressive to watch. The crash and burn factor also makes a compelling video, too.

This time, we check out a rider who may otherwise have that composure, but on this particular ride, things didn’t go so smoothly. It started out impressively with a nearly vertical wheelie but when the wheelie went too far backward, the bottom fell out of this display and the pain was unleashed.

We watch as the rider scrapes the back of his bike before wobbling around and eventually dumping the bike onto the ground, tossing himself along the pavement and his bike tumbling over and over again before coming to a deadening thud of a stop.

Check out the video below that gets you up close and personal with the disaster as it unfolds right in front of our faces. Hopefully, this wreck doesn’t deter the rider from getting back onboard and trying to be great once again. This one did look pretty brutal, though.