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Hilarious Rider Reactions in a 2500hp Street Car!

One of the most widely re-created videos that we have seen across the web are the ride along videos that showcase reactions to various kinds of cars, all with a little bit of muscle under the hood. Now, some of the reactions get good, but this time, we check out a reaction to a car that is on a whole new level.

While normally, these reaction videos revolve around a car that is somewhat daily drivable, this time, we check out a car that goes above and beyond, bringing the power to the tune of 2500 hp. No matter how you categorize this thing, that’s a lot of muscle, I don’t care who you are.

In this one, we check out the reactions as a couple of passengers try to take on this beast as it hits the streets and the driver lays into the throttle, showing these passengers exactly what four digits worth of horsepower feels like. When this car can grab traction, that power is enough to push your brain to the back of your skull! Trust me when I say that these things are unlike anything you’ve ever felt before!

Check out the video below that shows this animal on four wheels that brings people together to witness exactly how all of that power feels in person. Car fanatic or not, you’ve got to love these genuine reactions as these folks see what such a crazy machine is all about.