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The History Of The Chevrolet Suburban

The History Of The Chevrolet Suburban

In the auto industry, sometimes, different nameplates have different ways of rising to the top. It’s not always as direct of a path as we might think. As of today, the Chevrolet Suburban is one of the longest standing nameplates with the brand. In an era where it seems like so many different models are coming and going, the Suburban has dug in a strong foothold. Pushing through gas crunches and all sorts of different economical spirals, the full-size SUV has become a staple of the General Motors brand. It’s even been spun into a GMC Yukon and Cadillac Escalade For those who like a touch of class with their massive SUV.

Today, we can take a dive inside how exactly such a staple came about. It wasn’t necessarily an idea that would go straight to the consumer. Originally, the Suburban wasn’t intended for any sort of civilian consumer at all. Instead, the large-bodied vehicle was designed to be able to carry military personnel and supplies. However, one day, folks at General Motors decided that maybe this truck would perform well in the consumer segment. It was at this point that a star would be born.

By following along with the video below from Donut Media, we get to take a guided tour of the entire history of the Suburban. It’s one that didn’t necessarily have the most defined shape to begin with but it as time would go on, the truck would certainly find its niche. Today, we would argue that the Suburban is possibly one of the strongest offerings from Chevrolet alongside the Silverado, Camaro, and Corvette. It certainly seems like one that’s not about to go away any time soon. We see these things used just about everywhere with all sorts of folks. Whether it’s a family hauler or a personal limo, the Suburban has our backs!

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History of the Chevy Suburban!

Posted by Donut Media on Wednesday, February 20, 2019

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