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HOA Blocks New Owner In Driveway For Two+ Weeks

Ever grappled with a troublesome neighbor, turning daily life into a challenge? Witness a homeowner’s ordeal, surpassing typical neighbor disputes.

Allegedly evading HOA fees, the homeowner triggered an aggressive response, causing a headache for those simply seeking daily peace. Rather than seeking a civil resolution, the HOA resorted to blocking the homeowners in and out with construction blocks, crippling their driveway access. Watch the video revealing the aftermath of this extreme measure, a saga of juvenile antics now resolved but leaving lasting impressions.

Brook’s Story

I live in Sandy Springs Ga. My wife called me one day to tell me her car was blocked in the garage by construction-grade pillars. Her car was stuck there for two weeks until I finally called Channel 5 and had BILL LISS come out and do a story. They came the next day – just to let her car out. They placed the construction-grade blocks back on my driveway.

208 Brandywine Cir Atlanta GA 30350

We have to park illegally in the complexes next door, the other day my car was tampered with. When I asked my HOA president when the next HOA board meeting was he could not tell me and asked me to call Homeside Properties… I am waiting for them to tell me when the next board meeting is.

UPDATE: Many advocates took to our aid and posted our story on the ASSOCIA page. Assoica owns Homeside which manages our HOA. It is now my belief that Assoica may not have been aware of the vile nature of actions being done to us and my neighbor by our local HOA which gets advised and is managed by Homeside.

UPDATE: No one it seems can tell me when the next board meeting is. The HOA president told me to call Homeside Properties, owned by Associa, to find out when the board meeting was. They told me to then contact the law firm… Lazega & Johanson LLC. So yea… I called them and they told me to call the management company. I called the management company back and left a message.

UPDATE: I just learned the city can’t do anything to help or enforce the code – b/c it is private property. What that means is the HOA contract (that I never signed) supersedes the public concerns like, for example… safety. For example – if this were a public street the cops could take action because it impedes the proper access of an ambulance and a fire truck. But the HOA contract again, supersedes, this. How can this be happening?

UPDATE: I made a payment plan offer to my HOA here in Lexington Crossing. They want the full 5k in attorney fees, special assessment fees, and court costs. The attorney fees and court fees are more than half of what I owe in past special assessment fees and 2 missed association due fees.

Also, they said last year I had missed 5 months of payment. I had the documentation and they were WRONG. Something fishy is happening here and I not going away any time soon. Blocks are also on my neighbor’s driveway, he is about to move out. Forget about it. He learned that the law firm is charging him for advising our HOA to place the blocks on the driveway.

UPDATE: The HOA changed their address so I missed 2 payments of $500. Upon learning of this, I tried to contact the attorney. I left a message with them and immediately made a $1000 payment. Being late these 2 months must have triggered the original judgment of 6k against us. They garnished over 6k directly out of my account. We are now paid in full – but double paid.