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HOA Rules Against Electric Pickup Truck, Wants it Out of Their Neighborhood

Imagine finally getting your hands on the $100,000 pickup truck of your dreams, only to go home and have your homeowner’s association absolutely destroy the excitement that you were experiencing from finally bringing home the vehicle you had been dreaming about.

These days, pickup trucks carry a much different connotation than they did years ago. At one point in time, they were used to haul a heavy load and get the job done without doing much else. There was a point in the timeline where they were maybe considered a little bit dirtier because of this design for nothing but work. These days, though, pickup trucks are as luxurious if not more luxurious than some of the high-end cars that we see on roadways today. In fact, it’s rather obvious that they’ve blended in as typical transportation.

Therefore, if an HOA were to get upset about a resident owning a truck, it would have to be a large commercial eye-sore, right? Think again!

However, when one Florida homeowner brought home his brand new Rivian R1T electric truck, his neighborhood association at the Weston Hills Country Club wanted nothing to do with it. Instead, they ruled that the pickup truck owner couldn’t park the truck out front of his house every night and would have to face the consequences. The owner of the truck, though, argued that this ruling was based on an outdated way of thinking. We’re pretty sure that anyone with half a brain would assume that such a rule certainly couldn’t apply to a brand new light-duty vehicle and an electric one at that. The truck’s owner wasn’t catching a break from the heavy-handed HOA, though.

When pushing back against the ruling that kind of seems a little bit ridiculous, the association doubled down on its stance, with the president of Weston Hill saying that the homeowner should’ve read the rules a little bit more closely and maybe he wouldn’t have purchased the truck in the first place.

This might seem like an isolated incident but it’s simply just another HOA horror story to add to the massive pile of people who derive joy of causing pain for no reason at all.