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Homemade Tools: Cool Spanner Wrench Hack Comes to Life

One of the things that you may pick up on while working in the garage is that for many applications, there is definitely more want one way to skin a cat. Even when it comes the tools that you operate with, you can use several different tools to achieve the same task at times. Sometimes, if you don’t have the right tool on hand to accomplish a job, you could even go through the process of creating your own specialty tool to be able to get that task done in the most efficient way possible because we know that some things just seem impossible without a specialty tool. With some decent means for creation and a little bit of know-how, it could be a lot simpler than you might think, too!

This time, we get to see some pretty basic tool creation and how it’s done through the use of a couple of simple materials. The end goal here is to create a sort of adjustable wrench with some things that you probably have on hand. Sure, you can just go out and buy an adjustable wrench but perhaps something like this could be a little bit more effective. Depending on what the task is at hand, it could maybe be stronger or perhaps provide a better grip. Again, in situations like this, you have to remember that all kinds of different tasks are carried out in various ways based on the individual.

Down to the video below, we watch as someone combines an average wrench hooked up with an adjustable bolt setup that you probably have the parts for just laying around. When all is said and done, it will make your very own adjustable wrench, perfect for tackling various tasks. This may or may not be a tool that you would want to add to your collection. If it’s not, be sure to tell us about a custom-made tool that you have put together yourself. Something like this could definitely be worthy of showing off to your friends, boasting about how you were able to put together something original!