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[HOONIGAN] DT 045: Mod Party! Fiat 124 Spider Abarth

Today’s Hoonigan Daily Transmission is about as rare as a unicorn: the Hoons are actually working for once! Of course, with this crew, even time spent working is still enjoyable, since they spent the day modding a trio of Fiats for their upcoming Hoonigans Wanted contest, where a few lucky ladies will have the chance to compete for a seat on the Team Hoonigan roster!

In the Donut Garage to help with the mod party is none other than builder/driver/all around gangster chick Jessi Combs, who is given the most legit introduction by Vin, because she really is cooler than you! Jessi heads up the Ladies team, Vin and Y2K are a team and there’s team “Old Guy”, made up of  With their cars up on the lift, each team is tasked with swapping wheels and tires, installing aftermarket coilovers and installing a cat-back exhaust system on their car.

It wasn’t supposed to be a race, but when you have teams, things tend to turn into a competition. As the builds go on, the video goes off course, as Hoonigan vids always do, and we spend a few minute with Hert and Kikawa and their awkward bromantic relationship. Hert also tries on one of the tiny Fiats for size, but it fits his substantial frame more like a skirt, and he has to carefully unfold himself to get out of the car. Checking back in with the parts swap, we find that all three teams are nearing completion and, surprisingly, they’ve managed to not only complete the overhauls in a reasonable amount of time, but they completed the builds without breaking anything. If you follow these guys at all, you know they tend to break stuff daily, so this is quite the accomplishment, though in a way its kind of sad, like watching your kid ride their bike for the first time without falling over.

Tune in next week when the Hoonigans Wanted driver search kicks off, as we fully expect that to be an amazing experience!