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Tires Vs 200 ton Hydraulic Press

If there’s one thing that has taken the Internet by storm in terms of viral experiment videos, you have to think hydraulic press. Even if you have nothing to do with that world at all, chances are that you have seen the overpowering presses go up against everything from fruit to the latest cell phone on the market and everything in between, giving no mercy to anything that it crushes.

This time, we see what a 200-ton hydraulic press looks like when it goes up against some old tires. Without a wheel in there to add extra structure, will the pieces of rubber simply fold under the pressure and be crushed down to a flat disc? Will the tires crush down and then return to their normal shape once again when the pressure is relieved? This one could go in so many different directions that you just have to see it to figure out what’s going to happen!

Follow along with this experiment down in the video below as 200-tons of force is applied to these poor old tires. What other things could you think of that would make for an interesting video to go up against this kind of force? From here, it looks like these tires did a pretty good job of withstanding all of that muscle.

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