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Horseback “Drag Racing” Most Intriguing Thing You’ll See All Week

In the world of racing, sometimes, you see some wacky things go down as people try to race in a lot of different formats. Sometimes, drag racing obviously happens with the traditional format involving something like a motorcycle or drag car, however, as people get a little bit more creative, exactly what it is that they’re racing can shift to something that you’d never expect in a million years. We’ve seen some wacky stuff like people racing lawnmowers or boats but this time, we see something that is so off-the-wall that you absolutely need to see it to believe it.

In this situation, it looks like the folks in question got rid of the mechanical components to race and instead decided to kick it old school, electing to ride with a form of transportation that hasn’t been common in, well, forever and having these animals lend a couple of hooves for a little bit of drag racing. That’s right, as the title of this one infers, these folks have decided that they would like to take on racing with horses. Now, obviously, horse racing isn’t all that uncommon, however, seeing it in a drag racing format is certainly something that we have not come to expect to see.

If you follow along with the video down below, you’ll actually be able to join in on the situation that looks like an absolute blast of a time. With people cheering on their favorite competitors and looking like they’re really getting into the race, this scene of the action looks like a place that you would want to be in order to have a great day of racing. We’re not too sure about you guys, but something like this looks like a time that we can definitely get down with trying out!