fb-pixel Hot Rod Dealer Accused of Fraud Files For Bankruptcy
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Hot Rod Dealer Accused of Fraud Files For Bankruptcy

The downfall of certain businesses often leaves us questioning the decisions made by their owners. However, the case of the now-defunct FSD Hot Rod Ranch is no exception. Recently, FSD filed for bankruptcy amidst allegations of fraud, prompting lawsuits from both buyers and sellers who had dealings with the ranch.

A report from WKMG News 6 ClickOrlando sheds light on the experiences of individuals who engaged with the company.

One such person entrusted FSD with selling his 1953 Chevrolet ambulance on consignment, only to discover that he never received payment after the vehicle was sold. Now, the ranch allegedly owes him $22,000—a situation indicative of broader issues plaguing FSD. It’s money that this vehicle owner might never see.

Unfortunately, this isn’t an isolated incident. Other reports indicate similar grievances from individuals who interacted with FSD, painting a troubling picture of the company’s practices.

However, the problems extend beyond sellers on consignment. Buyers have also encountered issues, including receiving vehicles without proper titles after purchase. This raises serious concerns about FSD’s integrity and whether it ever intended to conduct honest business.

Adding to the intrigue is the sudden disappearance of FSD, replaced seemingly overnight by a wedding venue. While one might attribute this change to the natural course of business, the report suggests a potential personal connection between the owner of the wedding venue and the owner of FSD Hot Rod Ranch, raising suspicions about the circumstances surrounding FSD’s closure

The investigation into FSD’s activities is ongoing, with more details emerging as the situation unfolds. For a comprehensive overview of the events thus far, refer to the attached news report below. As those with their money floating in the ether seek justice and resolution, the fallout from FSD’s demise serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of transparency and integrity in business dealings.

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